Teachers Coping With Burn Out: After-Class Hobbies/ Making Extra Income
The after-class pampering of teachers is essential. Not just rechargingthe batteries, at least, but taking care of your self in between the work or adulting. Absolutely, we need creativity in this aspect that we live. I, for one, always see to it that I get this "me" time. Do not distract me, please stop me or the like. Yes, I liken it to "don't disturb" for I am enjoying an hour to be by myself but not completely lonely. Satisfied, even in bliss in myself. This is the kind of happiness every teacher must strive for following a long string of papers completed with half-finished work, and a the odd one left unfinished. Then, it's just the matter of getting everything done, slowly but. How can some teachers find time to do the paper work is completed? And, earning extra income simultaneously. 1. Gardening -- planting grape seedlingsand preparing them to produce sweet berries in 6-8 months is, at least my free time from writing and all. Watching London Exhibition Displays seedlings grow, watering them, and adding organic fertilizer could be a great thing for the psyche. Your satisfaction is guaranteed each when you see growing green sprouts and roots appearing, and robust growth is seen after several days of transplanting them from seeds to the soil. Grape seedlings are sold to grape nook grower who wants to have their own grape canopy, while entertaining guests with the option of coffee or tea. 2. Online selling -- yes you can, in order to increase income and increase income, we must have a side-hustle so as to make both ends meet given the low take home amount after all the deductions from both the government and private lending institutions has been removed, a mere tiny amount left to pay a teacher's pay. The amount of money earned will be contingent upon the creativity and enterprising determination of the educator. 3. Handicrafts and selling -- with the ability to make baskets, pillows, curtains and baby clothes, among other items made by hand for sale purpose, teachers could make the extra income to pay for the expenses -including water, electricity and cellphone bills to monthly installments for motor bike, kitchen appliance as well as other household appliances... Yes you're fighting, but you're also surviving the odds. They can sell their products through online shops around. 4. Jobs in tutoring -the importance of literacy and numeracy is what makes tutoring the skills financially viable. If you are willing to pay an hourly rate of say, $3 could really create incremental income as long as have the desire to have additional students under your guidance. Earnings can be used to buy a pair of shoes or other essentials for your personal life. 5. Tending sari-sari store/green grocer shop -- having a convenience store can really help you having steady earnings. But in every corner there's a store selling sari-sari which is competing with a small number of customers. Filipino cultural practices at their best If a neighbor starts an Sari-Sari store, anticipate that to see another pop up, just to be able to compete. Earnings depends on how you persuade your customers to visit the store more often than competitors'. 6. Ghostwriting services to those with the capacity to organize words, for example research, article writing or even stories, could be a lucrative business. It is as long as you know how to convince your customers that you have the necessary skills to write work of high-quality and readable enough to be able to pass by a so discriminating audience. Your earnings could enable you to buy expensive jewelry. 7. Baby-sitting services -- with the increase in work from home-based side-jobs, you can bet that there are moms in need of an extra assistance with their infants. It's enjoyable and can help you pay bills from your earnings. Sure, if you have car pooling, there are the possibility of baby-tending. Earnings can also help meet paying expenses. So, that's all we have for today. In the coming months there will be more side-jobs good for earning more money with less effort and full of fun , too. Today, more than ever, work-from-home jobs are one of the best options for people with limited earnings potential due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only the hardest-working people are able to endure and excel. Larry Icabandi Nabiong Grade school teacher writer, published novella author article writer, grape nook cultivator, environmentalist and IP advocate Social entrepreneur wannabe along with other amazing initiatives. He is currently working on his first novella in preparation for it to be edited and published, in order to further his many advocacy initiatives that help people find spirit and their daily lives. Interested to take a glimpse at his various plans, including writing, and also addressing issues relevant to the present day? Connect with him to join forces to make a difference.

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